Write While He Naps

I just mis-typed the title of this post as ‘Nap When He Naps’ which should give you some idea of the difficulty of actually putting this excellent advice into practice.  Sleep deprivation is an ugly ugly thing for a writer, and with a 10-month old, super-active baby, I’m beyond sleep deprived these days.

I’m also doing an almost-final-edit on the first novel in a trilogy that I’m hoping to start sending out this fall, and I’m trying to pick up the writing habit again.  After too many years of working brain-sucking jobs, soul-killing commutes that left too little energy to support a writing habit, I’m in a place in my life where I have mental energy to spare (even if the physical energy needed to, you know, stay awake is temporarily lacking.)

So I’m trying. I’m writing when he’s down for a nap, and I’m trying to do it without fail every single day.  Which is harder than it sounds when ‘Nap When He Naps’ is what comes much more naturally.

Gonna go get some fiction writing done now.  No really.  I am, I promi-zzzzzzzzzz.