11-19-16–This is not normal. This is not ok.

Here we are, ten days after and we’re beginning to get a feel for what this administration is going to stand for:

Hate crimes have spiked. Last night, a playground in Brooklyn named for a (Jewish) member of the Beastie Boys was painted with symbols and words of hate. Because that’s how Trump fans are celebrating his win–by terrorizing 6-year-olds.

Meanwhile, the pres-elect’s cabinet appointees aren’t qualified for anything if the dress code doesn’t include white hoods:

Chief Strategist & Senior Counselor–
Stephen (“I don’t want my kids going to school with Jews”) Bannon
He was the CEO of Breitbart News–a mouthpiece for white supremacists. He will be in charge of the president-elect’s transition to power. Yesterday he said–on camera, “Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.” He was, apparently, being serious. Let that quote sink in and see if you can figure out what he’ll be strategizing about.

Attorney General–
Jeff Sessions was deemed too racist by Republicans in the 80s to hold a judicial post. Among other choice quotes, he said that a white lawyer was “a disgrace to his race” when he defended black clients. He called an African-American colleague ’Boy’, and warned another man “Be careful what you say to white folks.” He will be the chief law enforcement officer, and the chief lawyer for the US government. Which is to say, the man in charge of making sure our legal system is run fairly and competently. Think about this.

National Security Advisor–
Mike Flynn calls Islam “a cancer” and claims that Muslims want to be “drinking our blood.” He advocates the use of torture. He led ‘Lock her up’ chants during the election season. He was just appointed National Security Adviser, putting him in a position to control the flow of information to the pres-elect once he takes office–this was Kissinger’s original office. Flynn was fired from his position as head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014 for politicizing his office.

The first three cabinet picks, all documented racists.
All across the country, hate crimes are up.

This is not a coincidence. These people feel empowered–as well they ought. One of their own is poised to take the highest office in the land, and he’ll seed the rest of government with others of his ilk.

If you aren’t scared, you’re not paying attention.

Talk to your Senators. Register your unease with these choices for governmental office. Jeff Sessions needs senatorial confirmation. If he gets it, let no voting senator claim that they didn’t know the will of the people.




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