Ok, so it’s been almost 9 months. That’s ok, right?


I think I need to admit that this is no longer really a blog, just a website I don’t update very often.

But, last 9 months, lessee, what’s happened?


  • * My parents moved here from Arizona. A big move for them, and I’m delighted to have them close by. It’s been fun watching the kiddo get to know his ‘other’ grandparents.


  • *I’ve got a story in an anthology that came out in August, and I’m an ‘anchor’ author in another due out next year. Short stories are fun. I used to have a harder time with them, but compared to holding onto a 100,000 word story in my brain, they feel like fun now. Go figure.


  • *That said, I’ve been doing some really good work on my ongoing solarpunk story set in a future Dinetah. Lovely having a project I’m excited to get to work on each day.


  • *The Beast-dog, Xena, is less beastly than a year ago.  Actually settling into her adult personality, which is a relief. I like adult dogs more than puppies, I have to say. Canine manners are important…


  • *The kiddo is in first grade. You know, real school.  I still have the occasional hard time wrapping my head around this, but it’s getting easier.


  • *New grandbaby, who’s absolutely adorable, though sadly living WAY too far away for my taste.


  • *Year of Cake has been a rollicking success so far. I’ve enjoyed getting so much baking in, and I think the boys have enjoyed eating so much cake.


And once again, I’m going to try to get on here more often. My life is quiet these days, with few upsets or tears & much laughter and gratefulness. I don’t need the therapy of writing-my-life anymore, but I do miss the record of ‘oh yes, I remember that’. So I’ll try. I promise nothing–because really, look at my record these last couple of years!–but I’l try.


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  1. Synchronicity! I just stopped by because I was thinking of you and here’s a fresh new post 🙂 Glad to hear that you are doing well. The Year of Cake sounds like a fantastic idea…

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