Day after Groundhog Day, 2016

  1. Yeah. These last two months–where did they go again?

There were the pre-holidays. You know, where you’re getting ready? Gift-buying, present-wrapping, school concerts, traveling.


Then there were the holidays themselves. Food. Gift-giving. 5yo who hearts Santa Claus something fierce.

Fun, but major time/life investment.

Then there was the post-holiday recovery period, which, perhaps, lasted longer than it should have.


I’m back. I’m writing like crazy these days–damn, I love my writing routine, though I’d also love to find a way to drop into that routine a little quicker. It seems to take me half an hour to really settle in, and then BAM! I’ve really just hit my stride, then I look up and it’s time to go pick up the small boy from his happy place (aka: kindergarten, for those who don’t know him.  Kid LOVES school.)

But yeah, life’s pretty damned awesome. Doglet is finally settling into her–I hope–permanent Good Dog state of being. We’re all healthy & happy, another grandbaby on the way, and the words are coming out the way I like them to.

Life is so good, and I’m so damned lucky.

2. It’s also The Year of Cake.

The boy asked me for a special gift this year: make him a ‘birthday’ cake every single month.

Well. Never one to not try to one-up everyone else, I said, “How about a cake every WEEK?”

He, of course, said ‘Hell, yes!’

Although he may actually be regretting that. We’ll see if his infatuation with sugar lasts as long as my excitement about getting to bake a different cake each week (without being responsible for eating it, you understand. My love of all things sugar isn’t really cake-oriented, weirdly enough.) I should have spent my life running a bakery…

But it’s been fun, getting to play with cake techniques, and looking for new recipes to try to improve the standards I’ve been making for years. One can do that, you know: mess with hallowed family recipes, because if it isn’t as tasty, it’s all good because I can just make a new one this weekend!

3. I styled myself out with a needlework frame and a magnifying light for doing handwork with. Because I am old and geeky and my eyes have a hard time with the 40 x 40 stitches per square inch that the patterns I love call for.  I’m also trying to finish up a lot of the half-done projects I’ve started over the years. Needlework pillows, that quilt that’s been waiting for me to finish quilting it for, well, for decades wouldn’t be an exaggeration, sadly. And it’s good, getting through some of these.  Being able to say, now that I’m on the downslope of my 40s, “Nope. I’ll never be a quilter. I’ll never make all my own clothes. I may never spin up that alpaca fleece I bought so many years ago (though I’m not yet giving up my spinning wheel, because that stuff is GORGEOUS!) I like knitting stuffed toys, and baby clothes, and I like doing wicked-intricate stitching on a tiny tiny scale. That’s it. That’s what I do to keep my hands busy while my brain is roaming.”

So there.

4.  Getting a half-dozen more chickies to plump up the flock now that my three remaining girls are slowing down a bit. They arrive in May, and I’m already getting excited, because I AM a crazy chicken lady. Happily, I live in an area where that’s just a standard way of being, and three of my closest friends here also fit that description. Yay chickens!

5.  And, like most of the country, we’ve had a remarkably mild winter, and I am relieved. Last winter was brutal. It felt like living on Hoth, only without the awesome ton-tons.

If I had a ton-ton instead of a 15yo Toyota, I might like winter better, but honestly, I’m from the desert. I’d probably still hate all that snow piled up that wittle schnookums would have to tromp through.

5 thoughts on “Day after Groundhog Day, 2016

  1. Maybe I’ll start a weekly feature–half-assed photo (possibly of half-eaten cake) with recipe. That might be fun, and a great way for me to keep track of what we liked & what we didn’t like. Hmmmmm.

  2. Totally forgot about Sam’s gift. I’m sure he’s loving it!! I like the idea of pics of the 1/2 eaten cakes 🙂

  3. SO JEALOUS of your Year of Cake! I love to bake, but I’d end up eating it all because Dear Husband has no sweet tooth to speak of. I, too, am trying to finish projects. More specifically actually making the projects I purchased supplies for and then let languish in the basement. I need to remember how satisfying it feels to finish things to get me motivated to start them!

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