Book Review – Q & A a Day : 5-Year Journal


WAY too long ago, I requested & received a copy of this book Q & A a Day : 365 Questions * 5 Years * 1,825 answers.

I love this journal. The daily prompts are interesting enough to jot a few lines down, and I think I’ll probably get different answers over the years–and where my response stays the same, that’s interesting, too!

I write in it almost every day (& have for the aforementioned WAY TOO LONG.)  I just bought a few for xmas gifts.

And I remembered that I never did review this.  Which is dumb.  And lazy.  Because I really do like it a lot.  I spend so much time writing fiction that my own journalling practice gets neglected, and oftentimes, there’s a lot going on that I’m thinking about or pondering, and I’ve always enj0yed looking back on journals.  I miss that, even if I am too busy to do it these days.  But this journal is a really easy, fun way to stay in the habit.

Besides, who doesn’t like answering questions about themselves? I know I do!

I received the book from Blogging For Books for this review.

One thought on “Book Review – Q & A a Day : 5-Year Journal

  1. We have the 3-year Q&A a day for kids, and it’s the best. You might want to pick it up. We do it with our son, who is about 6-ish months younger than your kiddo, and it’s a blast to hear his answers, and to see how they change. It’s part of our bedtime ritual with him (we’ve been doing it just over a year).

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