Small Things 11-1-15



Halloween is awfully fun when you’re five.  This is the kiddo dressed as a ninja warrior.  A ninja warrior with lots of sparkly stuff, because the plain black outfit was, apparently, kind of boring.  It had to be ‘fixed’ with gold, silver and red lamé.  And some other sparkly stuff. So he was a ninja who specializes in assignments that post him in Vegas, we figured.

He’s in kindergarten. This logic totally works.

And he scored big-time in the candy department, so he’s a very happy boy.  His first question this morning was, “I suppose we don’t eat Halloween candy before breakfast?”

Um, you suppose right, my sugar-addled boy!

2.  After I got home from being out of town with my folks for a few days, The Boy went down to NY for a couple of days, so today is the first ‘normal’ day I’ve had in about a week.  Long day of nothing much besides cooking dinner planned.  Already enjoying it immensely!

3. Peak leaf season is pretty much over, but it sure was a glorious year. And it’s still pretty out there, if sparser than it was a week ago.  Not bad for the first of November!

4.  My grandmother passed away last month–a sad but not exactly tragic thing, as she was very old and very ready to go.

But I’m finding the realization of her death hitting me in odd ways.  She was 96 and had lived in an assisted care apartment for many years.  I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years.  But I knew she was there, just being grandma in the world.  It’s an odd sort of unraveling feeling to know she’s gone. She was my last living ‘grand’, the kiddo’s only great-grand, and I miss that feeling of continuity.

She was very much loved and we should all be so lucky in the manner of her death, but still, she will be missed.

5.  It’s looking more and more like my parents will be moving out to live closer to us, and I could not be more delighted. A lot of work for them, a lot of logistics to get through, but they’re ahead of the game in that they’re planning on downsizing, which is fantastic.

I can’t wait for the kiddo to get to know his maternal grandparents as well as he knows his paternals, and selfishly, I can’t wait to have my mommy and daddy near enough to have them over for dinner and just hang out with them over weekend donuts and coffee.

So. Very. Excited!