Small Things 8-21-15

1.  Xena, Warrior Piglet will not be bringing any other piglets into the world. And, in true cattle dog fashion, she’s acting as if there’s not a large incision on her belly, and that she didn’t just have a few internal organs removed.

Dogs are amazing.  Ok, actually, when Nellie was spayed, she whimpered for three days, and I took her back to the vet, sure something had gone horribly wrong.  Nope, just a sighthound, convinced she was dying from discomfort (and having been through a c-section, she was absolutely within her rights to believe it, don’t get me wrong!) But cattle dogs.  I remembered that my first ACD behaved this way too–yeah, physical discomfort, what of it? There’s PLAYING to do!

And, happily, Xena’s not too concerned about licking the incision site. I’m just going to be spending all my time trying to get her to calm the hell down.  She’s been jumping on things, dogs and people since she started feeling better (approximately three hours after getting home.)

2.  Getting the last few things together for school.  Glass containers for applesauce.  A new backpack with a working zipper. Long pants. Winter coat. Hard to imagine needing such a thing when it’s so blessed hot out there, but…

3.  So if a person happened to serve lobster at a family party right before the hottest, most humid days of the year. And if it happened to be several days before garbage pick up when she tossed the inside-garbage into the outside bin.  And if her outdoor garbage bins happened to get completely overrun by lobster-eatin’ maggots, at least she has chickens who found clean-up duty less disgusting than delicious.

I however, found it stomach-rollingly disgusting. The whole thing. From clean-up to chicken feast.  Might be a while before I can face lobster again.  Or dried mealworm treats for the girls.  Or eggs, for that matter. Blech.

Also? While wrestling with Nellie yesterday, Xena dove/rolled onto the spot where a large dog-poo had just been removed from the yard. When I was done with maggots, I got to deal with dog poo.  Yesterday was a day of disgustingness.  Enough said.

4.  In a fit of nostaliga, the kiddo is rewatching shows he grew out of years ago. Like Blue’s Clues. Which is a nice change from, say, Johnny Test, but I’m struck by how well I remember this show. All the little musical numbers, the dog-sounds. It was really the first kids’ programming I’d ever watched since being a kid, and because he was young when he watched it, I was usually in the room with him.  Weird to know this show has entered my brain and is probably not leaving anytime soon.

5.  Next week is the last week of summer for us. Going to The Boy’s old summer camp for ‘family days’ next weekend–a trip that the kiddo cares more about than anything else about summer.  And then school. Oddly, we didn’t make it to the beach this summer. Or even a lake.  We didn’t do as much as I’d planned on, but we all felt busy, so I guess it worked out in the end.

Happy end of summer, everyone.

Small Things 8-13-15

1.   A long weekend spent in San Francisco–first time I’ve ever been there, and it was LOVELY. What a pretty city.  So much fun!

But also good to be home. Good to rescue the pup from the horrors of boarding.  (Kidding. She actually had fun this time, with her big sister Nellie to show her the ropes. Played for the entire time, and ate like the piglet that she is.)

2. She went in for blood work this morning–getting spayed next week. 47#. Seriously. She’s built like a tank. A pudgy tank. Sadly, I think we might need to control this dog’s food intake. It’s a drag, I’d hoped not to, but overweight pups aren’t any healthier than overweight people, and really, it’s my JOB to make sure this dog lives a long and healthy life.

Of course, at the moment, she’s perched on top of the back of a big comfychair like an obscenely large cat, grinning out the window at something.  Not sure what the hell she thinks she’s doing. She might, in fact, be sort of—-yep. She was stuck. That explains it.

Cute she is. Sweet? Absolutely. Super-smart, not so much.

3.  It’s looking like another not-so-great tomato year, however, it’s been peaches-galore around here. So many that even the cadging squirrels & woodchucks haven’t been able to decimate our crop.  Must plant more peach trees…

4. My son brought me flowers. Kindergarten starts in 2.5 weeks. Going to miss having this charming little person around all day long.

5.  Mountain lion sightings in the area have everyone abuzz with speculation. Me, I’m more worried about the fisher cat my neighbor keeps seeing in our back yard, and the skunk that smelled like it was inside the house last night.  Here’s hoping to no dead chickies this year, or any other, for that matter…

Small Things 8-3-15

1.  Home after a weekend away, and because of her stitches, Nellie got to come with us instead of being relegated to the kennel with Xena. Xena thought she had been abandoned forever, and pretty much hasn’t let me out of her sight since she got back.  Of course, it’s all happiness now, but she’s going back INTO the kennel on Friday for part 2 of “crazy August from travel hell.” Poor thing. She can’t wait for September when all good dogs get to spend many hours a day with their person and NO trips anywhere (without her, at least) are scheduled.

She’s a pain in the butt, but I love this dog, and I love that she just wants to be somewhere nearby.  Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, she just, you know, wants to be in on it.

2.  Tried my first smoothie made with lettuce today.  Yeah, I guess it’s a thing. It wasn’t awful. I felt good about, you know, consuming lettuce, rather than letting it rot in the fridge. Plus, it’s been so blasted hot that freezing its green goodness for a couple of hours made the coldness at least as appealing as the taste.  Hoping this week’s CSA share won’t be so lettuce-heavy, but not really expecting it.  More beets, fewer heads of lettuce!

3.  Spent the day doing errands, cleaning, laundry, and rewarded myself by installing blackout blinds in our room.  Mostly for the insulation factor–it’s a south-west facing room, on the top floor, beneath a not-much-of-an-attic. If it’s 86* outside, it’s 92* in our room.  Hoping this changes that a bit, but really, this time of year it’s all just really hot.

Toad says “Blah.”

4.  The kiddo’s night terrors have gotten bad. Don’t know if it’s school-anxiety related, or something else. But he sobs inconsolably for 10 or 20 minutes,  shaking and sweating. And then he drops back to sleep mid-sob and doesn’t remember a thing in the morning. (Small blessing!) I’m wondering if the heat has anything to do with it, but mostly we’re just waiting this phase out. No fun for any of us, and I’m not looking forward to the airplane rides coming up.  Wish us luck and no night-terrors while on vacation!

5.  Did you all know that the word ‘gobsmacked’ only entered usage in the 1980s? Me neither. I feel like a dope, and The Boy feels very etymologically superior tonight.