Small Good Things 3-4-15

1.  We tapped our maple trees this afternoon.  This is the New Englander equivalent of blowing a raspberry in winter’s stinkin’ cold face.

So there.


2.  It got above freezing today.  So, you know, that was awesome and completely unexpected.  Torrents of drips coming off the roof.  Hopefully not through the roof, but it’s not too late to wake up in a puddle, I suppose.  There’s a LOT of snow up there.

3.  We’re drinking a very nice bottle of wine last night & tonight.  One of the Boy’s xmas gifts from his father.  Yum.

4.  My Meyer lemon ‘tree’ has doubled in size this month, and has been blooming continuously for a couple of weeks now.  Plus I think I’m seeing a wee tiny baby lemon fruit developing at the site of one of the first blossoms.  It’s sitting near my place at the kitchen table so I can sniff it every time I sit down or stand up, or just lean way, way over.  I’m pretty sure its presence is all that’s keeping me sane.

5. I sold a short story to a Kickstarter-ed anthology called Temporally Out of Order at the beginning of the year, but only just now signed the contract, so I can only just now cheer about it in public.


Yay!  It’s a story I was actually really pleased with, but it was written specifically for this anthology’s parameters, so if they didn’t want it, chances were good I’d never sell it.  So I’m doubly delighted it made the cut.  Pre-orders are available here, and it will be available for sale –at a slightly higher price– for both e-book or paperback format once it’s been released.