Small Things 11-10-14

1.  We got back from the convention late last night exhausted, but so happy to be home, and after a very nice conference.  Met up with old friends, and I think (I hope!) my stepdaughter had a good time, too.  Henry ate Filipino food for the first time.  Garlic fried rice – how IS it that I’ve never had this before?  Also Chicken adobo.  What I’ve had before was nothing like this good.  OMG.  Making this soon, and I will KEEP making it, until it approaches the level of good we had in Arlington, VA.  Also had tapas, which was very nice.  I was deliriously proud of my son for trying every single thing he was offered & making a very good meal of it.

Though the blue cheese made him blink his eyes in rapid succession and exclaim, “That was such strong cheese that my eyes are blazing!” He obviously has that turn of phrase a bit wrong, but there’s no way I’m correcting him.  Not til I get it on video.

2.  He was really terrifically well-behaved in general, though the sleep-wonkiness of traveling is catching up with him today. Here’s a shot his sister took – which I find hilarious – of him blowing his nose in front of the monument in DC.


















That’s my boy.  Both of them, actually.

But yeah, today’s been a bit rough.  All that excitement, and today’s just a boring day like any other, only we don’t have outings and treats planned all day long.  Apparently, his father had a word with him, because ever since the little boy apologized for some earlier peevishness, he’s been very concerned that something like, say, the cat knocking over my folded laundry, or perhaps being unable to plug in a power cord on the first try, might ‘completely ruin’ my birthday.  Ahem.

3.  In actuality, it’s been a lovely birthday.  My 45th lovely birthday, though.  Holy crap.  I remember – remember well – when my parents were 45.  This aging stuff just never feels normal, I have to say.  Wearing bifocals, going grey, yeah, ok, but FORTY-FIVE YEARS OLD???

Yeah.  Ok.  I guess so.  At least there’s going to be angel food cake to smooth out the grieving-for-my-lost-youth that I have planned for later on tonight.

4.  A friend watched the chickens, and it was really wonderful knowing they were safe & sound (& getting the chance to run around & eat worms!)  The cat’s been acting like a mad thing since we got home, and I’m pretty sure she gained a pound or two while we were gone.  Literally.  Our previously slender cat is positively rotund.  Happy winter.

5.  Besides making me my cake of choice (and reminding my son to be nice to Momma on her birthday), my darling husband went out and brought home a glorious bouquet of flowers for me – sunflowers, lilies, roses – all my favorites.  I am the luckiest woman in the world to have this man in my life!