Small Things 6-27-14

1.  Today the air smelled of flowers.  What a lovely summer day.

2.  However, on the other side of the smelliness-scale, my son’s extremely stinky feet have started warranting their own bath ritual, with Dial soap.  Which did, finally, cut the stink.  When I sniffed to see how our experiment worked, the kiddo said, “Don’t they smell refreshing now, Mommy?”

Um, yes?

3.  It’s been a good week on so many counts, for the little guy.  Beach days and playdates for fun, and excellent progress made on some things we’ve been working hard on.  He’s so well-spoken and funny though, that I forget sometimes how very young he still is.  Today I had to go to the Apple store at the local mall–where I had promised Hen a ride on the carousel in the food court after our errand was done. We rounded the corner and realized, astonished, that the carousel was simply no longer there. He burst into silent, embarrassed tears and whispered, wiping his eyes frantically–so I wouldn’t notice, I suppose, “But what am I going to ride on now?”  Poor little guy.  Some ice cream helped ease the disappointment, but it was such a little guy reaction from my big kid that it almost made me cry.  I don’t want him to be in such a hurry to grow up that he’s embarrassed about showing me the depth of his disappointment.  Promised carousel rides that simply cannot happen are a big deal when you’re three.

4.  Speaking of Apple, though, they sure came through for me.  I have a MacBook Air that went completely wonky after the last firmware update.  Like, wouldn’t reliably turn on level of wonk.  After trying a few resets with a tech on chat, I was asked to bring it in, whereupon they replaced the logic board–under warranty, and two days earlier than they had promised.  It works just like it’s supposed to now–better than ever, actually.  I suspect there was always something a little off about that board–and I’m left feeling happy again with my computer platform of choice.  Way to go, Apple!

5.  Blueberries!  I was all astonishment when we spotted one of our scrawnier bushes with a full load of ripe blueberries.  The kiddo was ecstatic, and I’m just hoping the chickens don’t find any of the low branches before the kiddo has  achance to fully pick through them.

(5.5  And oh yeah, about the chickens?  I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion that 4 out of the 5 might be of the roosterly persuasion.  This would NOT be a good thing…)

Small Things 6-20-14

1.  Wow.  Long time since I’ve been on here–no excuse, just got busy & lazy in equal measure.  So for quick updates:  Summer finally arrived.  And I do mean finally.  Like last week.  But then it arrived with a vengeance–moving from oh, say, mid-March weather to late June weather overnight.  Of course, last night, we moved back to late March weather, so who the hell knows what this last week of June will bring. The tomatoes have been in a deep state of shock since I planted them out at the beginning of the month.  Who the hell knows if we get any tomatoes this year?  Folks who understand me know that that’s pretty much akin to me saying, “Who knows if the earth will continue spinning on its axis this year…”

Ugh. We just got our first peas today.  About a month late, by my reckoning.  Tomatoes only have a one-month season.  Which means…bad garden year so far. Bummer.

2.  Good news is that the chickies are adorable. Living outside quite happily for quite a while (thank heavens!) No hawk fatalities, no Mattie-Catty murder sprees, and no accidentally wandering off and becoming the neighbor’s chicken–yes, which has happened to me before.  Happily, it was a rooster, which I wasn’t too fond of, so it worked out just fine, but still. Embarassing.

Bad news is that I think Hoos-Foos is almost certainly a rooster–and not at all inclined to wander off in search of a better home.  If he’s a quiet rooster (and there are a few out there), then he’s still ok here. We’ve got room for rooster shenanigans.  But not if he’s a 3am crow-er.  Happily, I have a few folks lined up willing to take a boy-chickie, so it’s not going to be too traumatic if he can’t live here, but still.  I wanted 5 hens, damnit.  And he was supposed to be my green-egg layer, too.

3.  Summer vacation is hard.  By which I mean, this kid is the joy of my life, I wouldn’t trade our worst moments together for the best of times without him around, but damn, 2-hours of school a couple of times a week was a nice break.  And what’s up with things like gymnastics classes taking summer breaks?  I mean, dudes, when do you think I really need you?  SUMMER!!! All that energy, so many rainy days.  Sigh.  Things take longer with a 3-year-old in tow.  There is more whining.  There are more tears.  However, there are also more opportunities for giggling, for crazy poems, for the 87th version of his favorite joke (What do you get when you cross a crocodile & a rooster?  A croc-a-doodle-doo!) There are more impulsive hugs, accompanied by “You’re the best mommy I could ever hope for!”  (No idea where he got that from, a book somewhere, I’m sure, but it never fails to warm my heart. Kid knows how to get to me.) There are lots of opportunities for bubble-blowing, for helping in the garden. Many chances to play card games here & there throughout the day. He’s become a champion at pushing the cart in the grocery store.  We fold laundry together–he does at least as good a job (which isn’t saying much) as I do on washcloths.  He tries to finagle an extra viewing of Justice League cartoons whenever he thinks he can get away with it–and then he begs me to watch it with him.

In other words, summer vacation is the best.  Did I say hard? I meant ‘the best’.

4.  I’ve been incredibly frustrated with trying to lose weight.  Counting calories religiously, keeping it under 1100 a day, and my weight loss rate is about 1 pound every two weeks.  Really.  I know I need to move more, but it’s just not happening this summer.  Exercise is going to be my #1 priority starting on the first day of school, and I hope to see a bit quicker results then.  Because really, this is just annoying.  That mid-forties thing they tell you about?  Oh yeah.  Here to tell you it’s all true, and even worse than you imagined.

5.  I have, however, finished a book and I’m nearly happy with it.  Still tinkering, as I send it out, but it’s pretty much there.  I have not yet found an agent who wants to represent it, and that’s frustrating. Emotionally exhausting, setting one’s heart-work up for repeated rejection, and of course there’s the terror, not-quite-suppressed, that no one will want it, and well, that’s the end of that book.

To that end, I’m NOT working on book 2 in this trilogy any more until I feel like it will find a home.  So I get to start a new book, and I’m in that really enjoyable phase of mulling it over in my mind, playing with ideas for a few hours, then picking up another bright shiny idea that my mind has collected in the last year or so, when my writing time has been otherwise occupied.  So good stuff & not-so-good, all together.  (But, damn, I wish I could find the perfect agent for this–you know, the one who says, “Oh yeah! I see what you’re doing and I like it & believe in it, & let’s SELL this thing!”  That would be really kind of wonderful.

Wish me luck, and a lot of it.