Small Things 5-13-14

1.  The change in the dog is amazing, and makes me feel awful.  She’s a whole new dog, excited about, well–about life.  Poor thing.  PSA: Get your dog’s teeth checked, cleaned, x-rayed, & if necessary, pulled.  She’ll be very happy (believe it or not) that you did.

2.  Chickens could move into the coop if necessary.  I’ll let them stay inside near a heat source for another couple of weeks, but the worst slog of the coop is DONE.  (Thank heavens.)

3.  And my query letter for agents is coming together.  Damn, it’s hard to create a marketing document.  The reason I’m a writer is because I kind of suck at sales.  If I were good at selling stuff, I’d be, you know, a successful businessperson or something. *sigh*.  Still, it has to be done, and happily in this day & age, there are a lot of online resources to help with the nuts & bolts of it.  But still.  I reserve the right to whine.

4.  Leaves are coming out, forsythia are everywhere–as are those weird lavender/purple azaleas. I would like springtime more, in fact, if there were fewer purple azaleas–don’t know why, but that particular color sets my teeth on edge.  Anyone else, or is it just me?

5.  Mother’s day was quiet–we don’t really celebrate the ‘Hallmark Holidays’, but my son made me a brooch at school–glitter and seashells–and it is the loveliest thing I have ever seen.  Also, he enjoyed the giving so much that he woke me up on Monday with an armful of stuff.  “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!”  “Oh, sweetie, that’s so nice. But yesterday was Mother’s Day, and remember–you already got me something I love.” “I want to give you even more, Mommy.  Here’s a truck.  We can play with it, if you like.”

(If I like?  Kid knows me inside & out.  Of course I’ll play with him given an explanation like that. Just let me put on some socks, kiddo, and we can play trucks til the cows come home.)

I am so very lucky, so very blessed, so very grateful.

Small Things 5-5-14

1.  Dog went to the dentist today.  Poor thing.  Actually, stoned-out-of-her-mind thing. Tomorrow, she can be poor thing. Tonight, she’s too loopy to pity.

2.  I am the proud recipient of All The Dandelions.  Kiddo has asked me to build a bigger shelf so he can put every last one in the whole world on that shelf for me.  So much love.  (And no, that was not snarky even a little. We both love dandelions, and he loves giving them, and I love receiving them.)

3.  Chicken. Coop.  The slog of the chicken coop (damn, I’ll be glad when this project’s over!)  Today’s adventure involved a Suburu station wagon, 4 sheets of 4′ x 8′ plywood, and lots of kind men.  There was the kind man in the parking lot who offered to help me put it inside the station wagon, then when it became obvious it wasn’t going to fit, insisted on helping me get it up on top of the roof rack.  Then, once I’d gone back inside for rope, and tied it–yikes!–to the roof rack, I drove it home.  Where the foundation-repair guys insisted on helping me unload it.  Which was nice, because they’re kind and meant well, but at the same time, I’ll be glad when they’re gone so that I can just do stuff outside without having to deal with the constant stream of male-awe that I actually know how to use a hammer (coupled with the inability to believe that *sigh* I’m actually strong enough to carry 1/2″ plywood all by myself.)

Though I’ll confess I was super grateful for the help getting the sheets up on top of my car in the parking lot of Home Depot.

4.  The chickens have started scratching up their paper and attempting to take a dust bath in the shredded mess.  Their feathers are coming in, and I’m sure it’s itchy and uncomfortable, but still.  You can’t even imagine the mess (or the ridiculousness of seeing a chicken trying to dust bathe on a ripped piece of paper.) Chickies are dumb.  Chickies also need to go live outside.  Stat.

5.  School again tomorrow for the child.  I love this boy more than the moon and stars, but damn, weeks without school are long, long, long weeks.  And the tooth thing hasn’t helped.  He’s still sore enough he had to forgo one of his favorite meals tonight, so it’ll be interesting to see if the traditional School Snack of Goldfish Crackers gets eaten tomorrow or not.

(Regardless, I’m SO going to Target tomorrow while he’s at school, and I’m going to wander down aisles where I don’t even need anything. Alone time! Woohoo!)

Small Things 5-3-14

1.  Chicken coop construction is proceeding apace.  Which is fancy-talk for, ‘slower than I’d like, but quicker than I’d expect.’  I really hate working with hardware cloth (wire mesh).  My hands look like I’ve been in battle with more than dirt and wood.  I need one more trip to home depot for plywood, and then the rest of it should go pretty quickly.  I hope.  I have to say that I’m tired of this project.  I’m ready to move the chickens outside (though it’s still getting cold enough at night that I wouldn’t make them live outside just yet even if their home were 100% ready.) and I’m ready to be doing other things with my disposable time.  Like play in the garden.

2.  The cat has, according to our neighbor, been attacking the wild turkeys we’ve been seeing around here.  Seriously.  The cat is 8 pounds of pure, unadulterated murder.  I swear to Bastet that if I come downstairs one morning and find a turkey in my kitchen, I will not be responsible for what happens next.  We’ve already put bells on the cat. What’s next? Tying a toaster to her collar?

3.  A guy who’s a dead ringer for Aaron Douglas (Chief Galen Tyrol from Battlestar Gallactica) is re-pointing our very old brick foundation.  He comes from a family of writers and feels like he’s wasting his life as a bricklayer.  I feel like asking him if perhaps his secret Cylon identity is at the root of his dissatisfaction with life, but that probably wouldn’t go over very well…

4.  The chickens have finally learned that human beings = mealworms.  Or rather, that the presence of humans in the room, means that mealworm treats are not necessarily far behind.  Of course, the cat is probably going to kill these chickens (is that even possible?) so I shouldn’t get too attached, but it’s awesome having chickies come when I call again.  I love these darned birds.

5.  A few raspberry plants I put in the ground last fall are sprouting leaves, though none of the boughten plants have put out anything green yet. Asparagus is coming up, and this is the first year we actually get to eat it, so, yay!  Also, one of my kale plants came back.  I realize people like kale for healthiness reasons, but seriously, what an awesome salad plant.  I’ve always avoided growing lettuce because A) not my favorite veggie & B) who can be bothered to grow such a fussy little plant, but I think I’m going to be eating a lot of kale because this ‘perennial salad plant’ thing is just amazing.  And it’s pretty.  Can’t beat that for a garden plant.