Small Things 4-23-15

1.  So picture this.  A whippet–elderly-behaving, though only middle-aged.  Of a breed known for sloth and languor. Also wimpiness. ie: she doesn’t like cold. Or heat. Or walks more than, say, 1/4 mile long. The extreme anguish of, having toenails clipped nearly does her in. She doesn’t like eating big chunks of food.  Or, you know, treats that require her to chew.  She’s a princess.

Add to the household a puppy.  Who’s, you know, puppy-ish.  With puppy teeth & puppy endurance–only & also, this is a cattle-dog puppy.  Known for toughness (ie: kick a cattle dog in the head with a cow-hoof & they’ll just come back for more.) Seriously valiant.  Smart, and totally insane with the desire to enforce every rule ever. (Once they’re grown, anyway. As puppies, they’re just wicked strong-willed.)

You’d expect horror on the part of the whippet, upon being confronted with household-addition.  Right? Like her world, her perfect world, has ended and how did she end up in this BuffyVerse hell-dimension where everything is wrong.

Except, no. Actually, Nellie is discovering her inner alpha-dog, and is playing the puppy into exhausted oblivion each day. And night. And really, whenever she can. Nellie is chasing and cajoling, and teasing, and biting, and leaping-lightly-over, and tormenting the puppy until they both fall into happy, snorting slumber.  Nellie thinks the puppy rocks, and the puppy thinks Nellie is a goddess.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything more adorable than a tough-as-nails cattle pup playing with an elegant-as-shit whippet-princess, but it’s awesome, and I couldn’t be more pleased (and surprised.)

Who knew? Nellie’s just been bored out of her skull all these years.  Stupid humans.

2. The kiddo, on the other hand, is pretty intimidated by the puppy’s determination to herd him, via grabbing on to his cuffs and yanking.  He also really hates me raising my voice to the puppy which is–sometimes–PUPPY!–unavoidable.  But it’s traumatic for him to hear mama yelling about anything, I guess. ::sigh::

He’s trying.  He loves it when the pups play together, he wants to be in the middle of it.  Until all of a sudden he is, and then he panics. And he enjoys throwing things for puppy to retrieve, though he’s not crazy about getting her to drop the toy for him to pick up.  But he really really doesn’t like being around the pup when she’s being reprimanded.  And, sadly, this is a dog that has gotten & will continue to get LOTS of reprimands until she figures out that humans aren’t for herding.  (Especially somewhat fearful 4yo humans without a lot of dominant-dog experience.)

I bought bitter apple to spray on our cuffs.  She licks that shit up.  Literally.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Bring it on, she says in her puppy growl.  You think I care that my mouth tastes like dead things? Bring it on.  I STILL eat your pants. Tasty dead things. And more importantly, you WILL go where I want you to go… Gr.

Gonna be an interesting few months…

3.  Kiddo has, however, thanks to his loving papa, discovered the giddy joy that is Captain Underpants (tra-la-laaaaaa!)  Never did it for me, but then, I am not a 4yo boy.  And he is.  Oh my, is he ever.  Paroxysms of giggles.  Every night.  As he’s drifting off to sleep he’s murmuring horrible potty-humor to himself, and I’m laughing to hear him on the monitor, appalled & absolutely delighted in equal measure. Also very grateful that his father has taken on the Captain Underpants reading responsibility.  Not sure I’d enjoy it as much if I had to be reading it!

4.  I’m getting a ton of writing done these days, which is nice. In between scolding the puppy & reassuring the child, anyway. I keep feeling like if I could just have 8 uninterrupted hours I could finish something, but honestly, I’d likely just putter around on Pinterest for 4 of those hours.  Still. Four hours would be nice….and I do like Pinterest…

5.  In family news, I’m expecting a new ‘step’ grandson soon, which is beyond exciting.  Honestly can’t wait.  Any day now.  And can I just say that it’s sort of wonderful getting to step in & pretend to be a grandma? I know I’m not ‘real’ grandma, I’m just grandpa’s wife; but as someone who became a mother rather late in life, I’m well aware that there’s every chance I’ll not be around to meet my son’s children.  So getting to be an honorary ‘grandma’ to his nieces & nephews?  Priceless experience.  I am the luckiest woman in the world.


And really, at the end of all this? It’s SPRING. FINALLY. And things are starting to be ok again. This was an awful winter. Really hard to get through. really hard to believe it would ever end. But it did. And I’ve been planting kale and spinach in the garden. And I’m going to go buy some marigolds soon. Maybe tomorrow. And my tomato starts are things (far too many things!–where am I going to put all of them???!!!) of beauty.  And it’s not winter anymore.  And I’m not sure I can fully express how relieved I am that that’s the case.

Happy spring, everyone. Hope you have puppies & gardens galore.


Small Puppy 4-13-15

Photo on 4-13-15 at 1.40 PM #2

This is Xena. Sleeping by my chair in my office, after a hard morning playing, eating, and playing some more.

She is marvelous.  Also, smart as I’d hoped for. Only 8 weeks old & we haven’t had a mess in the car OR the house yet. Slept through the night–without even needing to get up & pee–in her bed next to ours. Also, while we figured Nellie wouldn’t mind the new addition, so long as we safeguarded her special place (ie: our bed) in reality, as far as we can tell Nellie honestly doesn’t care that she’s now sharing her house with a puppy. Ignoring her almost completely, living the bed-dog life–which is probably about as easy a puppy introduction as I’ve ever even heard of.  She doesn’t seem to feel threatened, or insecure or even slightly cranky about the whole thing.  Nellie has her drawbacks (sleeping 20 hours a day!) but she’s a very good, very even-tempered dog.

And Xena’s absolutely a people-dog. She’s very excited to be doing whatever it is I’m doing–whether that’s playing or reading or writing or cooking–it’s all good, and she’d like to be right there while it’s happening, even if she would prefer a good chew toy while she waits for the next activity.

I’m terrifically happy with this pup, with this decision, with damned near everything right now.  Life is already pretty darned good, but it’s just perfect with a puppy in it.

2. And it’s 70* outside today. Perfect weather. We’ve already spent time outside & we’ll be spending more once the kiddo’s done with ‘quiet, alone time’ for the day. Hard to stay indoors with the weather like this.

3. Of course, into each perfect day, some rain–or at least a tick–must fall.  First one of the year pulled off puppy’s neck while on the way to the vet for tick-killing drops.  Sheesh. It’s gonna be a bad year for ’em up here, I’m thinking.  Also called the tick-spraying guys to get out here & spray us!

4. Got to spend an evening this weekend babysitting my (honorary) granddaughter.  She’s marvelous, adorable, and possibly the easiest child in the whole world.  Also got to see a bit of the extended family, which was doubly nice since we missed out on seeing many of them a couple weeks ago.

5.  And my own wonderful child was just a joy to travel with this weekend.  A trip to the Museum of Natural History to see dinosaurs & moon rocks, helping me babysit, being self-sufficient when called for & ready for together-fun when it was time, eating whatever was put in front of him, laughing and exclaiming at everything, sleeping easily despite sleeping in two places he’s never before spent the night–4.5 is a truly delightful age. And he’s a truly delightful kid.

And I am a truly fortunate woman.

Small Things 4-7-15

1.  Sap run is over. We didn’t get much at all, a trickle here & there, but it all added up and I think we got enough syrup to last the year.  What a weird end-of-winter!

2.  And it is, finally, the end of winter, thank all that’s holy.  This was a rough year for me.  Mattie’s death.  The unending snow and bitter cold just went on and on.  We’re almost completely melted out now, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see dead grass.  Three cheers for springtime! Who needs flowers when you have BARE GROUND!

3. The boy bought me grow-lights for xmas, and I spent much of last week constructing the mini-greenhouse of my dreams.  (Ok, it’s just an IKEA shelving unit with lights and heat mats, but it’s awesome to have a dedicated space for all my seed starting stuff!) Tomato starts–ALL 55 of them!–are starting to germinate even as I write this. Or so I hope.

Also growing mushrooms out of a box, and my citrus trees are taking over. A successful beginning-of-the-growing season, all in all.  Shall get going on sweet potato slips soon…

And put in a new sweet potato bed, deeper & bigger for the sweet potato crop.  Yeah, I’m ready for a serious garden adventure this year.  Have to get enough sun in the next 6 months to last me through next winter, because this year, I obviously didn’t do a good job of stashing away enough vitamin D during the summer.  What a brutal winter emotionally. Oi.

4.  But I am pulling out of it.  Though I think much of this is out of sheer giddy anticipation for…PUPPY!

We decided we won’t ever be getting another cat. I simply can’t guarantee it wouldn’t be able to get out, and, well, it was awful losing Mattie like that. I won’t do it to another cat–or to myself.

But I CAN keep a close eye on a dog.  And a dog who KNOWS she’s a dog, and wants to, you know, be around the people? That would be pretty fantastic. Nellie is a very sweet lump of unconscious bed-warmer. If she’s not eating, she’s up on the bed (and if she had her way, food would be served to her on the bed.) I can’t even persuade her to go outside for a walk without physically dragging her outside. Which is not a lot of fun for either of us. I mean, I’m happy her life here is so perfect, but I’d also love to be doing doggie things with a doggie friend.

Therefore, meet Xena!

GuinevereAShe’s coming home with us next weekend a couple of days after she turns 8 weeks old, and I’m very excited!  I’ve been in contact with a cattle dog rescue, since I’d always rather rescue than buy from a breeder, and when an ACD momma came into a Kentucky pound with eight puppies, I was all over that listing!  We aren’t sure who dad was, but the pups might well be pure cattle dog, which would be nice.

My previous dog, Sydney, Empress of the Known Universe was a cattle dog/chow mix, and I’ve missed that intensity and loyalty, though I’ll confess the fighting dog aggressiveness mixed with herding dog stubbornness was its very own set of problems. I’m hoping Xena’s all herder, as it’ll make everything a lot easier, but no matter who she turns into, I’m super-excited to have a new friend coming to hang out with me and be my best buddy.

And for the record: I have the most tolerant and loving husband in the world. Because–PUPPY!!!!! (And The Boy doesn’t even like dogs.)

5.  And the writing’s going well. I can’t find enough time to do all the writing my brain is prompting me to do. I got a couple more manuscript requests – from queries I sent out in September. Ahem. But I’m finishing up a rewrite before sending this one out again.  See if I can’t address some of the problems people are having with the story before handing it over again.

And it’s a good feeling, getting requests, even if the timing leaves me a bit bemused.  So, it aint over til it’s over, I suppose.  And in the meantime, I’m writing up a storm, editing up a whirlwind, and revising up a hurricane.

Plus, it’s raining puppies…

Small Good Things 3-4-15

1.  We tapped our maple trees this afternoon.  This is the New Englander equivalent of blowing a raspberry in winter’s stinkin’ cold face.

So there.


2.  It got above freezing today.  So, you know, that was awesome and completely unexpected.  Torrents of drips coming off the roof.  Hopefully not through the roof, but it’s not too late to wake up in a puddle, I suppose.  There’s a LOT of snow up there.

3.  We’re drinking a very nice bottle of wine last night & tonight.  One of the Boy’s xmas gifts from his father.  Yum.

4.  My Meyer lemon ‘tree’ has doubled in size this month, and has been blooming continuously for a couple of weeks now.  Plus I think I’m seeing a wee tiny baby lemon fruit developing at the site of one of the first blossoms.  It’s sitting near my place at the kitchen table so I can sniff it every time I sit down or stand up, or just lean way, way over.  I’m pretty sure its presence is all that’s keeping me sane.

5. I sold a short story to a Kickstarter-ed anthology called Temporally Out of Order at the beginning of the year, but only just now signed the contract, so I can only just now cheer about it in public.


Yay!  It’s a story I was actually really pleased with, but it was written specifically for this anthology’s parameters, so if they didn’t want it, chances were good I’d never sell it.  So I’m doubly delighted it made the cut.  Pre-orders are available here, and it will be available for sale –at a slightly higher price– for both e-book or paperback format once it’s been released.



Small Things 2-19-15

1.  The snow.  Gods, there is So. Much. Snow.  And it just keeps piling up, because it’s been weeks since the temperature has risen above freezing.  This has been a brutal couple of months, it’s seriously taking it out of everyone – myself very much included.

Even new-blooming Meyer lemon tree houseplants cannot keep the gloom at bay.  Even cut flowers aren’t cheering us up.  Pussy willows in the living room, and I’m pretty sure they’re laughing at us all.  Don’t you know? Spring is NOT around the corner.  Just more snow.  And maybe a wight or two.


2.  Still miss Mattie-cat horribly.  Am considering getting another dog – a rescued cattle dog, most likely.  Since a cat is out of the question, a dog who wanted to be with ‘the people’ (aka: with ME) all day long would be the next best thing.  Might also get me out of the house more, since walking herding dogs isn’t really a choice, but a necessity.  I miss that insane desire to be moving – it certainly kept ME moving, even when I wasn’t excited about it.

3.  My son is signed up for full-day kindergarten next year.  What is the world coming to, and who is this large child, and where did he put my baby?

4.  Chickens think they have died and gone to a very cold hell.  They may be right, and if they are, I’m right there with them. We must have been very very bad…

5.  Been reading some good books lately – expect a book post around the end of the month.  Watching Buffy on DVD.  Trying to write, but I keep finding myself staring out sullenly at the snow.  Trying to remind myself that February doesn’t last forever, and it’s not so bad, and it’ll be a distant memory come April, but really, I’m having a hard time remembering myself of any of this.  Cocoa.  TV.  Early to bed.  See you in Spring.

Small Things 2-9-15

1.  I miss my cat. So damned much.

2.  Speaking of so much, the snow outside is way too damned much. 69 inches in the last 2 weeks. Plus it’s really freaking cold. I really need a break.

3. Ramen continues to be the best thing I’ve ever eaten for lunch. It’s all I ever want anymore, forever and ever.

4. We’re all getting a little stir crazy. The Boy is a hero for taking the little one out to ‘shovel’ a lot. Flinging snow wildly and ineffectively uses up a lot of little boy energy that would otherwise be spent in sulking aggressively, or seeing how loud he can shout. He’s normally a charmer, but the long cold indoor days are wearing on all of us. Plus, I suspect I’m not as much fun to be around as usual.

5. Drinking whiskey. Enjoying the woodstove that The Boy has considerately been stoking all day so it will be tolerably warm in the barn tonight. Listening–on the monitor– to him singing the wee one to sleep.  Hoping for a few hours to try to write, to get my internal life in order, even though my external life feels very off-balance right now. Hard to believe it’s been a week without Mattie.  I keep thinking I’m seeing her out of the corner of my eye: a saunter of black. A pounce of darkness.

More whiskey. More cleaning – my, is my house ever clean! More cooking, more baking. More forts for the kiddo to play in. More stories read. More puzzles puzzled over. More board games played for the umpteenth time. More stories written. More wine. More kisses from The Boy and the wee one. More biscuits passed stealthily to the dog to apologize to her Whippetness for this miserable damned cold. More Facebook. More book recommendations. More cross-stitch — I’ve been stitching like mad lately, despite needing to get ON with a couple of baby blankets that are coming up due in May. More going to bed early. More napping in the middle of the day. I’ve always hated February. More daydreaming with a seed catalog in my hand. More feeding the hens compost and mealworms and suet cakes, because I feel so guilty making them live outside in a coop, and yet they keep laying eggs for me. They believe spring is coming soon.

It may not be spring, but March really is coming soon.  Bringing a visit with my folks.  Bringing snowmelt.  Bringing mud season.

March is just around the corner.

March is also a very long time away.

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Small Things 2-6-15

My Mattie Catty is gone. For such a small cat, she’s left a giant-sized hole in my life.

No more cats. Not here, at least, and I have no intention of ever leaving this house. Her too-short life convinced me that I cannot keep a cat safely indoors, and the outdoors near this road is no place for a cat.

I got most of my weeping done in the days leading up to her death, when we knew it was coming. She had a snow day reprieve because it was too stormy to get to the vet’s for her appointment. So we spent that day cuddling, feeding her anything and everything we thought might taste good to her strangely warped taste-buds, and playing mouse-on-a-string as much as she wanted. I made sure the back patio was shoveled & let her out to explore life from the bottom inch of 4′ of snow as much as she wanted (which wasn’t very much, but I am glad she got to go outside one last time, since it was what she loved best of all). In all honesty, I almost regret not going to the reptile story & buying her a feeder mouse to torment in the dining room for old times’ sake.

Everything is washed. The floors are clean for the first time in a month. The bloodspots cleaned off the dining room rug.  The cat box is collecting dust in the basement. All her empty treat boxes are waiting to be recycled – she ate every last treat on Monday, I fed her one after another until they were gone. Her toys are all shut away in a cupboard until I can look at them again. Her carrier has been donated to the vet who’s been so kind through all this, so good to Mattie Catty.

And the house is very, very empty.


Killer of Voles. Warmer of Laps. Devourer of Yogurt and Popcorn.

Extraordinary Cat.

Miss you, sweet girl. Miss you forever.



Small Things 1-28-15

1.  Snow.  We had some.  30 inches to be exact.  Also, the wind sculpted it into these amazing ridges and valleys and drifts.  Holy snowflakes – like 5′ tall drifts.  Now, I know this aint no Buffalo, but for coastal New England, this is one hell of a lot of snow.

Yesterday was ‘hunker down & bake’ day. Today was ‘shovel’ day.  Both were snow-days-off-from-school which has wreaked havoc on our routines, but it’s been a fun break, too. Been a rough January, so it was fun to give ourselves the days off.

And much more importantly, the citrus trees & bougainvillae plants I bought for the express purpose of keeping alive hope while the snows descended did their jobs perfectly.

I was ready for winter to be over long before this one ever began, but even I’ll confess that this storm was pretty darned fun.

2.  I made ramen.  Boy HOWDY did I make ramen.  This ramen. And really, do yourself a favor and make it right now.  It’s spicier than I would have thought from the recipe, and very rich. Also, when you make it, it makes a ton and the noodles slurp up all the broth.  So just dump the whole batch in a big bowl in the fridge, and then when you’re ready for your ramen lunch, add quite a bit of boiling water to your helping to reconstitute the broth before you eat it – it’s still plenty rich. Seriously addictively delicious.

3.  My kiddo is a full-on reader.  And it sort of snuck up on me.  I mean, I’ve been following his pre-reading picking out of words in pet stores etc., with giddy joy for a while now.  But when he progressed from that to being able to pick out words while I was reading to him, to being able to just, well, read it himself, I sort of missed all that. Just all of a sudden, he’s reading.  Not physics texts, obviously, but not See Spot Run, either. For the longest time we thought he was just pretending, because we know he memorizes books almost instantaneously & always has.  (Nothing like having your reading corrected by a 2-year-old, “You got that word wrong, Mommy, it’s _____”) But he’s started doing it with new books, and unfamiliar books, and fairly complicated chapter books (though after a solid paragraph from a chapter book he’s ready to have a parent take over the reading chore so he can just kick back and enjoy the story.

Also, he’s been hiding my stash of index cards under a chair in the living room, so he can practice writing – lists of the things his Real Bunny is going to need in his new electric house.  Sometimes the spelling is, er, extremely creative, but it makes sense from a shorthand transcriptionist’s point of view.  Guess he’s going to be a court reporter someday…

4.  The cat continues – slowly – to show minimal signs of progress.  This is so hard. She’s such an easy-going cat she doesn’t really even mind the thrice-daily ‘hold the cat down & press on her bladder til it lets go’ routine. But I can’t do this indefinitely – everything else aside, I have to be present all day, every day, so her kidneys don’t fail.  So she has to get it back, or–well, or else.  And this sucks.  Uncertainty is almost as bad as certain horribleness.

It does, however, make cleaning the litter box an exciting chore – somewhat akin to finding easter eggs. because as long as she’s improving, I don’t need to make any hard choices.  So I’m all “LOOK!  I FOUND ONE! A BIG CLUMP OF SOLIDIFIED PEE!  YAY, MATTIE!”

If the neighbors are spying on us, they are quite convinced I’m completely, certifiably nutso.

5.  I broke an egg in my coat pocket today. It was as disgusting as you might expect.

That is all.

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Small Things 1-17-15

1.  Finished Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, and am really enjoying it, though it’s interesting how much simpler a book it is than her later ones.  This is not a criticism, just an observation. She’s got an amazing grasp of language, of the poetry in prose, and I’m very much enjoying watching her build this story – another trilogy – up from the ground. Book one was a rather sweet love story, and book 2 is already darker, which is kind of cool – 3 books exactly the same are kind of boring. Something for me to consider in my own work. I started book 2 last night, and can’t wait to move on to book 3.  Much more than the sum of its parts, this trilogy is becoming.

2. The Boy’s flu bug has hit the kiddo – not as bad as Dad’s, but then, the kiddo & I took the shot.  But he’s got the croupy cough that gives him asthma, which makes him panicky, which makes me panicky, which means I sleep on his hardwood floor and give myself a crick in the neck, while he wakes up chipper and ready for the day.  Happily, my own shot seems to be working just fine and neither of my contagious darlings has been able to ensicken me.  Yet.

3.  It’s really cold here.  Cold enough that chicken eggs are freezing before I’m able to get them inside.  I believe the scientific term is DAMNED FREAKING COLD.


4. Cat is making small strides (or rather, puddles) toward recovery.  Feeling more hopeful (and also more tired of cleaning) than I was a few days ago.  Also, anyone need a cat bladder manually expressed, I am the woman!

5. My stated goal of finding some online crit partners has seemingly worked out quite nicely.  Currently trading manuscripts with a few women – varying degrees of ‘Yes!’ but that’s to be expected.  Quite pleased with initial forays into critting after a long long long hiatus.  It does my writer-brain good to be working on other people’s writing again, too.

Also – question for readers. I am trying to find an internet blocker that can be scheduled.  ie: I want to block myself off the NYTimes and NBC every day after 8am, not have to do it myself every day. Cold Turkey looks perfect, but I work on a mac.  Every internet blocker I can find for Macs is a ‘set it yourself each time you want to use it’ deal. Not super-helpful.  Any ideas?

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Small Things 1-13-15

1.  Finished up the second of Juliet Marillier’s Shadowfell Trilogy, Raven Flight,

…and I’m not entirely sure I’ll buy the third. The first book was complex enough to hold my interest, but honestly, the second feels more like she’s just chugging through a fairly standard bad-guys-in-charge world, overcoming mystical & emotional obstacles left & right (and rather easily at that) til she can get to the good stuff in, I assume, book 3. Rather disappointing in a way I’m not used to being disappointed by this author. Shall have to go back & read her Sevenwaters books to see if my tastes have just changed, or if this really was just not her best.

2. The local-ish winter farmer’s market is sort of awesome, and I’m kicking myself for never having been there before. Lots of vendors, even in January, and it’s held in a huge greenhouse – the other half of which is filled with rather wonderful houseplants. It being January & all, I’m jonesing a bit for greenery, and it was heavenly to see a bougainvillae in full (enormous!) bloom. They had wee little ones, too, and I’m trying to figure out if there’s anywhere in my house warm enough for the tropical darling…

Which I’ll decide by next Sunday, since I suspect I’ll be going back there pretty regularly. Time to start eating local meat – and I found a local miller, as well! Trying to draw that circle of consumption in a little tighter – plus, you know, homemade pretzels!

3. Cat is doing ok, but there’s been no progress on the peeing-alone front, though by damn, I’m getting good at this maneuver! Vet is not saying much one way or the other, but I suspect she’d been hoping Mattie would be doing better than this by now. Keep fingers crossed for us, because honestly, it’ll be the worst kind of horrible for her to be doing well in every other way if this does not improve.

4. Clementines seem especially delicious this year. The kiddo is addicted – as am I.

5. I installed new blinds in his room, and honestly, you’d think I just built a house based on how proud I am of this fact. I think because the walls in this house are old plaster, so hanging anything on the walls is a real challenge – so even though these were drilled into the wooden windowframe – easy! – I feel like I’ve really accomplished something big, since I was expecting it to be epic, but instead it just worked like it was supposed to. So he has blinds in his room, and I wish we’d done this 4 years ago. Now, on to the rest of the house…

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